Social Innovation

Working with communities

Social Innovations are solutions to social problems that are more effective, efficient, and sustainable than current solutions. Social Innovations benefit communities, not just individuals.

Bright Souls work in partnership with communities to develop Social Innovations particularly in relation to inclusion and self-determination. The following are Social Innovations that we have been part of.

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Pass it On Parents

Pass it on Parents is a social innovation based in Newcastle, UK.
Pass it on Parents is a network of families who work to:
Share information, advice and resources
Pass on their knowledge and experience
Offer practical assistance
Help with planning and organizing self directed support

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Planning Café

Help and Connect planning café is a community based café – offering support to disabled people and their families to connect with peers to explore possibilities in relation to how people can live the lives of their choosing with the right support.

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Community Brokerage

Community Brokerage was developed by Kate Fulton and Simon Duffy as an approach to support people to choose their assistance to direct their supports.
Starts by assuming and encouraging the capacity of citizens and families by enabling access to a wide information network
Facilitates the early use of peer support for everyone
Ensures access to community supports from organisations and associations within their community
Enables citizens to work with support services directly and to explore with them what options are available
Lastly puts in place sufficient professional advisors, such as social workers or other specialists, so that everyone can get the help they need.
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Community Networks

New Prospects are a support organisation who support people with learning disabilities in the North East of England. Community Networks are an innovative approach to enable people to make the most out of their support, their community and their own skills.

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